In Historic Downtown New Braunfels, Texas lies the former Producer’s CoOp site which served the agricultural supply needs of the area from this location from 1944-2021. The Castell Avenue retail and sales off ice building was constructed in 1946 with additional warehouse space added over the years. With new ownership and a new vision this site will once again enhance the fabric of downtown New Braunfels with dining, shopping and entertainment.


12 Million Visitors Within 4 Hours

New Braunfels is within a four-hour drive of over 12 million people and attracts a steady stream of tourists. The City of New Braunfels, located along the I-35 Corridor just 30 minutes from Austin and San Antonio, is a regional destination that welcomes over 3 million tourists each year. New Braunfels is the third fastest growing community in the country, yet maintains its small town Character, loved and cherished by all.

3 Million Visitors A Year

Each year, more than 3 million visitors come to New Braunfels to explore the shopping and recreational activities steeped in German and Hispanic culture and heritage. The city’s strategic location has created opportunities for growth in the global market. New Braunfels is a fun destination, with adventures for every type of visitor. New Braunfels is home to many world-renowned major events, celebrating our heritage for all things fun! In addition to those, we have many notable events throughout the year, making New Braunfels a true year-round destination.



Adopted in 2018, the South Castell Visioning Plan outlines the redevelopment of several City-owned blocks on S. Castell Ave to include updates to the Civic/Convention center, and future development of multi-family housing, hotels, off ice and retail space. The street itself is also planned to receive extensive upgrades, to create a more pedestrian-friendly boulevard. This extensive project and repurposing of city blocks will serve as a catalyst to invigorate the energy of downtown New Braunfels. Its close proximity to The CoOp is advantageous, guaranteeing an increased population density living downtown, which in turn will generate additional traff ic to the CoOp’s amenities.

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